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      Whetstone classification

      Whetstone classification

      Product Details

      Diamond stone

      This product is produced by advanced technology imported from abroad in the mid-1990s. It has good elasticity, cutting force and wear resistance. It is a mold making, tool repair, and various workpiece bending, hole and ordinary abrasive tools are difficult to reach. It is an ideal abrasive tool that cannot be replaced by other oilstones. The price is only one-third of the foreign imports. The specifications are 100*2-10*0.5-1.2, and the granularity is 320#-1200#.

      Ordinary oil stone

      Widely used in machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing, instrumentation and other fields.

      Super fine grinding stone

      Super fine grinding stone, strong grinding oil stone, widely used in machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing, instrumentation and other fields. The work efficiency is twice that of ordinary oil stone.

      Ruby oilstone

      Ruby is a kind of corundum microcrystals made of aluminum oxide powder and sintered at high temperature. The structure is compact and delicate with high hardness and strength. Because it is a kind of sintered product, it does not have various hardness grades, particle sizes and different strength ranges. However, it has a dense structure and a pore structure. Therefore, the product marks the structure and the product is rose red.

      Boron carbide

      Boron carbide is a hard black shiny crystal. Hardness is lower than industrial diamond, but higher than silicon carbide. The size of the whetstone is between 400 and 1000. The smaller the particle size, the coarser the grain size, and the larger the amount of grinding, the grinding of the semi-finished tool. Because of its strong hardness, it is particularly wear-resistant and is not easy to scratch.