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      Oil stone

      • Whetstone principle

        Whetstone principle

        There are many types of oilstones, and different oilstones are used for different purposes. There are oil stones used iRead More

      • Whetstone grinding method

        Whetstone grinding method

        Regarding diamond abrasive paste, the particle size ranges from W40 to W0.5. The W40 is thicker, the grinding amount isRead More

      • Whetstone classification

        Whetstone classification

        Diamond whetstone This product is produced by advanced technology introduced from abroad in the mid-1990s. It has good elasticity, cuRead More

      • Whetstone characteristics

        Whetstone characteristics

        The cause of oil stone is similar to that of coal, kerosene and ground asphalt. It is also an organic matter accumulated by ancient aRead More

      • Oil stone

        Oil stone

        The oil stone is generally suitable for fine grinding, polishing and honing of workpieces, and is an important process for fine grindRead More