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      Evaporation boat

      • Molybdenum boat

        Molybdenum boat

        The molybdenum boat is processed by molybdenum through cutting, folding, rivet and welding steps. The shape of the molyRead More

      • Molybdenum boat application

        Molybdenum boat application

        Molybdenum is a metal element commonly used as an additive in alloys and stainless steels. Molybdenum has high melting Read More

      • Molybdenum boat process

        Molybdenum boat process

        Molybdenum boat is one of the molybdenum products. It is also often used as an evaporation boat or a coated molybdenum boat. It is a Read More

      • Tungsten boat

        Tungsten boat

        Tungsten boat can also be called evaporation boat or coated tungsten boat. It is formed by high temperature stamping of tungsten sheeRead More