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      • Winding machine accessories

        Winding machine accessories

        A winding machine is a device that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece, usually for copper wire winding. Read More

      • Molybdenum boat

        Molybdenum boat

        The molybdenum boat is processed by molybdenum through cutting, folding, rivet and welding steps. The shape of the molyRead More

      • Fixture piece

        Fixture piece

        The types of winding machine fixtures can be divided into: 1 universal fixture. Such as machine vise, Read More

      • Haba head

        Haba head

        The hot pressing point is the head of the Haba. When the pressure is applied, the heating and the cooling are performed simultaneouslRead More

      • Molybdenum boat application

        Molybdenum boat application

        Molybdenum is a metal element commonly used as an additive in alloys and stainless steels. Molybdenum has high melting Read More

      • Molybdenum boat process

        Molybdenum boat process

        Molybdenum boat is one of the molybdenum products. It is also often used as an evaporation boat or a coated molybdenum boat. It is a Read More

      • Tungsten boat

        Tungsten boat

        Tungsten boat can also be called evaporation boat or coated tungsten boat. It is formed by high temperature stamping of tungsten sheeRead More

      • Carbide nozzle

        Carbide nozzle

        We all know that because today's development trend is very fast, there will always be some inferior or even unqualified products on tRead More

      • Alloy nozzle processing

        Alloy nozzle processing

        The development and application of mechanical equipment is getting better and better. The cemented carbide nozzle industry also has aRead More

      • Alloy nozzle

        Alloy nozzle

        The use of alloy nozzles is also very extensive, because in many industries, there are also their figures, which shows that the appliRead More

      • Carbide nozzle manufacturer

        Carbide nozzle manufacturer

        The first hardware professional supply of hard alloy wire mouth is not a simple production of electronic materials parts and componenRead More

      • Spot welding head principle

        Spot welding head principle

        The welding head consists of two pieces of metal with good electrical conductivity. The two pieces of metal are insulated. There is oRead More

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